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Contract & Service Billing (CSB) Module – Infor SunSystems

Contract & Service Billing (CSB) for Infor SunSystems is designed for recurring contract invoicing, recurring service invoices and ad hoc invoices. It delivers advanced functionality that works together with your business processes to remove manual tasks and increase data accuracy and speed.

Contract and Service Billing for Infor SunSystems consists of two components, Recurring Invoice Billing and Ad Hoc Invoicing.

General Features
Regardless of whether you use recurring invoicing or ad hoc invoicing or both, Contract and Service Billing (CSB) for SunSystems delivers advanced functionality that includes:

  • Flexible invoice postings
  • Price books
  • Extended descriptions
  • Improved internal control via invoice approvals matrix
  • Emailing or faxing invoices
  • Flexible invoice layout
  • Invoice layout per invoice type and customer
  • Comprehensive invoice calculation codes
  • Multi currency
  • Subject to security, automatic generation of invoices and credit notes
  • Full integration with SunSystems Collect and SunSystems Advanced Inquiry
  • Electronic import of invoice data

Recurring Invoice Billing
Recurring invoice billing, also described as contract billing, enables the user to invoice for contracts on a regular periodic basis:

  • Full contract billing with automatic generation of invoices as per user defined cycles
  • Contract invoice billing cycles can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly, month end, quarter, quarter end, half year, half year end, annual and annual year end basis
  • The module is frequently used for rent, service charge, and management fees
  • A full history is maintained of all changes to each contract
  • There can be automatic calculation and posting of the resultant prepayment and accruals
  • Contract will automatically “catchup” any contract items based on start date and next invoice date
  • Contracts references can include up to ten contract amounts, ten contract dates and ten contract references
  • Internal notes supporting the contract can be stored against each contract
  • CSB has the ability to generate contract refunds and contract adjustments, for example, inflation adjustments on contract cleaning contracts
  • There is a facility to perform contract invoice rollbacks
  • Future dated charges can be cancelled
  • Contract line items can be added, cancelled or amended at anytime

Ad Hoc Invoicing
Ad hoc invoicing gives the user total flexibility and control over the production of one off invoices. Contract and Service Billing is the invoicing module of choice for ad hoc invoicing:

  • Full integration with SunSystems
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Create, review and print ad hoc invoices
  • Can use predefined invoice types
  • Flexible invoice layouts
  • Line items can be dissected across multiple revenue centres
  • Easy to use
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