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SunSystems is the market-leading accounting software used by over 9,000 organisations around the world.

SunSystems is the accounting system of choice for many customers due to its powerful unified ledger, unrivalled multi-currency, multi-company and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities with seamless integration to other business software.

Download case studies from a few of our customers: Salix Finance, CCBI Metdist (UK) Limited and The Crane Resort to see how SunSystems could help your organisation.


ScreenSkills upgrade from Sun v5 to Sun v6

ScreenSkills have been using Infor SunSystems for a long time. However, they were utilising an older version, SunSystems 5.4, which was no longer being actively developed by Infor.
Following a short call with FinanSys, a competitive quotation was provided saving ScreenSkills over 25% in comparison to their first quotation. Immediately, the organisation knew FinanSys was the right team to work with on the upgrade.


Cogent implementation of SunSystems V6

In 2019, impending IT obsolescence necessitated another upgrade. Although the company considers their accounting needs to be straightforward, there is a level of complexity when multi-currency accounting is needed. During their evaluation of alternative accounting software, the superior capability of SunSystems in this area became clear and reinforced the management team’s decision to upgrade to Sun 6.4 and Q&A11.


Life and Peace implementation of SunSystems

Life & Peace Institute had been using an accounting software that did not efficiently meet the organisation’s requirements, resulting in manual data manipulation and causing delays in reporting.

Following the SunSystems implementation, Chief Financial Officer, Aderemi Sotunbo FCCA said: “With SunSystems from FinanSys, it’s just a click of a button, then dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Our teams can spend less time in the office in the evenings now.”


The Crane Resort upgrade from Sun v4 to Sun v6


The technological advancements of the past decade were the precursor for change as the finance team were keen to improve the efficiency of their reporting. Kelly-Ann Cyrus the hotel controller concluded, “Business continuity was a key factor in the decision to upgrade and it was something that the team saw as the bigger picture too, so they were all for it, even those who had been using version 4 for 10 plus years.”


Salix Finance
implementation of SunSystems


Prior to installing SunSystems, Salix Finance had been using another system, which was struggling to provide the level of reporting and analysis required by internal stakeholders and their government funders.
Indira Ondhia, Financial Controller at Salix, comments “our previous system didn’t allow us any flexibility and doesn’t let you drill down into transactions and interrogate the data.


CCBI Metdist (UK) Limited
implementation of SunSystems


When looking at new accounting software, it can be challenging to find a solution that is competitive on price as well as functionality.
CCBI Metdist didn’t want to be just another client on an accounts list, “We weren’t looking for a large multi-scale provider and what SunAccounts had, with their customer approach and Sun focus, fitted well for us.

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