Q&A Reporting for SunSystems

Q&A Reporting for SunSystems

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Query and Analysis (Q&A, formerly called Vision) is a powerful reporting module for SunSystems which allows users to quickly and easily create financial reports. Along with reporting, this business intelligence tool for the Sun Accounting software also provides intuitive analysis, scheduling of reports, and uploading of data such as transactions or accounts directly into the system.

The Query and Analysis module can be accessed through Microsoft Excel or, on the older version of Q&A (Q&A10), through the software’s own desktop application, called Q&A Executive. On the latest version, Q&A11 the Executive functionality is merged into the Excel tool.

Infor SunSystems Q&A is designed to be used by anyone without the need for advanced technical skills, thus ensuring a high adoption rate among employees.

Management and employees at all levels of your organisation can be given immediate access to the real-time information they need to make informed recommendations and strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Infor Q&A XL

Q&A XL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptive ways to interact with your data. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through Q&A XL, enabling powerful reporting and presentation of real-time data from your core Sun Accounts software.

It includes full drill down functionality within reports and provides enhanced analytical power to assist your decision-making processes.

As a flexible reporting, analysis and alerting add-in for Microsoft Excel, Q&A XL provides a dynamic link between SunSystems and Excel allowing users to easily and securely extract and analyse data from SunSystems in real-time.

Q&A XL is an Excel add-in displayed as an item on the menu bar or as a toolbar. Purpose-built functions represented on the Q&A XL menu allow dynamic and flexible access to data from any data source to populate your Excel worksheets.

Q&A XL Features

  1. Powerful report designer provides for flexible reporting
  2. Ability to perform multi-dimensional analysis using user-defined analysis
  3. Functionality for performing statistical reporting
  4. Q&A XL supports security features to ensure only authorised users can access sensitive data (e.g. by account or analysis dimension)
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Infor Q&A Alert

Q&A Alert is a system-wide scheduling and alerting system, automatically running reports in response to user specified criteria or triggered from a scheduled task, distributing them to the right people in their preferred format.

With Q&A Alert, any Q&A report can be processed on a time, event or exception driven basis with distribution via e-mail.

Alerts can be generated in any report to act as triggers for “push” style reporting. For example, you could automate the running of Q&A workbook and drill path extractions, which are then emailed to the desired users.

Q&A Alert Tasks

Q&A Alert allows any number of tasks to be created that can contain inter-dependent processes. If a financial tolerance is exceeded within a SunSystems account or department, for example, an alert is triggered that automatically generates one or more predetermined responses such as distributing the report via email, outputting into a Microsoft Excel file.

Q&A Alert Scalability

Q&A Alert is available as a client-based or server-based solution. Client based alert enables simple “push” activity based reporting while server based alert supports multi-user collaboration and task sharing.

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Infor Query and Analysis delivers outstanding capabilities for generating accurate and up-to-date financial reports fast. Book a call with us to discuss how you can start using this powerful tool.

Infor Q&A Executive

Q&A Executive is a standalone desktop reporting and analytical processing tool. In 2019 it was merged into Q&A11 XL. It allows you to dig deeper into the details of your report by applying the built-in analytic functions such as drilldown, expand, breakout, and cube analysis.

It also allows you to save frequently used analysis procedures to run and update the report. The analysis paths can be stored to be available every time a report is prepared.

Q&A Executive Security

Q&A Executive provides security features to ensure that only authorised users can access sensitive data. Assigned user privileges are fully respected. The information a user can access will depend on the privileges assigned to that user.

Q&A Executive Cube

Q&A enables any query to be output as a cube. This provides the capability to slice and dice data held in relational databases. You can analyse a report, cell or group of cells by performing ad hoc drills and save cubes for offline browsing.

Q&A Executive Features

  1. Powerful standalone reporting package
  2. Incorporates a worksheet, word document output and charting facilities
  3. Enables multi- dimensional and flexible analysis with drilldown, expand, breakout and cube analysis
  4. Output of results in multiple formats, including Microsoft Excel, PDF and HTML
  5. Full archiving facilities
  6. Client and browser versions

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