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Traditional invoicing is difficult to deal with — the process involves a lot of manual handling and re-keying of data, resulting in errors, slowing down the process, and running the risk of mistakes and oversights.

Plus, the process is often lengthy and complicated — you have to create the invoice, print and post it (or email it out). The customer receives and sends it over to their accounts team. Then the invoice is downloaded, reviewed, and approved. Finally, the invoice is paid and manually archived.

It’s labour-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming (especially if you are processing multiple invoices), creating delays in payments and causing cash flow issues for organisations.

Thankfully, digital invoicing enables businesses to avoid issues like this.

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Sales Module for SunSystems

The sales module is a simple invoicing module which allows users to generate invoices and send them out to customers in just a few clicks.

The request can, optionally, be initiated outside of the finance team. For example, the sales team can generate orders or invoices from their end based on sales they’ve made without necessarily going through the process of passing customer billing information to accounts. It can be passed via process automation for approval by accounts, saving re-keying of data.

The solution comes with options for approval, which can be based on value, the customer, project, or other user-definable criteria.

Once approved the system automatically commits the posting and sends out the sales invoice document to the customer.

With the sales module for SunSystems, what used to be a long, paper-based process can now be automated and completed in minutes.

Benefits of Using the Sales Module

  • Faster invoice processing
  • Shortened payment cycles
  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Visibility, transparency, and accuracy of information
  • Curbs errors and losses
  • The process is automated
  • Improved account reconciliation
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Improved supplier/customer relationship

Sales Module Key Features

  • Sales order and invoices managed within a user-friendly workflow platform
  • Convenient Excel upload for detailed orders or invoices
  • Online reports for effective sales management
  • Automate invoice approvals, if required, with user-defined variations
  • Embedded notifications for each stage
  • Set up order workflows and approval sequences
  • Advanced searching through filters, drills, and reports
  • Realtime update of financial ledger for forecasts and debtors
  • Full multi-currency functionality
  • Mobile functionality including approvals and creation
  • Automatic emailing of invoices direct to customer

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