Infor SunSystems – An Award Winning Financial Management System

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Infor SunSystems – An Award Winning Financial Management System

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SunSystems Features and Benefits

Infor SunSystems is a powerful, financial management system, built to streamline your financial processes and meet all functional requirements of your accounting system whilst providing a centralised, real-time view of data across your entire enterprise.

The software boasts all the features that can provide organisations with a highly scalable solution, whether it’s a single user finance team or an international organisation with complex lines of business.

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What are the benefits of SunSystems to your business?

SunSystems provides organizations with the below key features. Click an icon to find out more

Dynamic Reporting

Unrivaled Analysis Anchor@2x

Unrivaled Analysis

Spend Control Anchor@2x

Spend Control

International Functionality

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Choice of Deployment

Budgeting & Forecasting Anchor@2x

Budgeting & Forecasting

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Industry-leading Accounting Solution

A unified set of ledgers that provide you with an instant view of your sales, purchase, and nominal accounts, with up to 35 levels of analysis and 5 currencies per transaction. View all the key information when you need it and across multiple locations.

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Dynamic Reporting

  Dynamic Reporting

Easily access design, generate reports, and view reports and dashboards with information that can support better and quicker business decisions.

  Unrivaled Analysis

A centralised, real-time view of data to support better business decisions, plus actionable insight with in-context analytics and business intelligence that complement core reporting data.

Unrivalled Analysis
Credit Control@2x

  Spend Control

Online purchasing, employee expenses with flexible approvals, and reporting dashboards give you greater control and visibility of spend.

 International Functionality

Multi-currency and multi-language capabilities empower you to transcend languages and currencies and effectively scale your international, multi-company organisation.

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Eliminate Manual Task@2x

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Your accounting system should support your finance function and therefore reduce the time spent on manual tasks, allowing the team to spend more time on value-added tasks, such as analysing the performance of your organisation.

  Choice of Deployment: in the Cloud or Hosted Locally

Whether you choose SunSystems deployed in the cloud or hosted in your environment of choice, you can access the data you need on the go, complete with comprehensive controls to restrict access to data and functions per user.

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Budget and Forecast 2

  Budgeting & Forecasting 

Streamline the collection of budgeting, forecasting, and planning data from stakeholders and other operational systems.


See all data from across your organisation in a single place in real-time

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Streamline Sales and Cash collection:

The sales ledger provides the following powerful functionality:

Control Purchases:

The purchase ledger offers your organisation the ability to:

  • Raise purchase orders and invoices for goods and services, and control commitments and accruals
  • Generate electronic payments to send to your bank
  • Distribute remittance advices via email
  • Maintain multiple contacts and validated analysis to use for creditor reporting
  • Online procurement for staff, with full workflow, based on value and department

Manage your cash flow:

The cash book provides your organisation with the ability to:

  • Calculate cash flow forecasts
  • Record cash book entries in one place, including prepayments and accruals
  • Reconcile bank accounts with bank statements
  • Calculate tax and prepare tax returns
  • Use journal templates to speed up manual entry

Instant access to reports:

  • Access live dashboards on the go
  • Generate management and statutory reports (Tax/SOFA/FCA/IFRS) in the desired format
  • Report access and format can be restricted by role/user
  • A report writing wizard makes it easy for end users to write reports without technical expertise

Work in an environment you are familiar with:

  • Reports can be written and shared from Excel with the seamless Q&A (Vision) link
  • Utilise existing Excel functionality and user knowledge to design reports
  • Report at a summary or detailed transaction level, and drill to see the original source journal
  • Create reports from reference data (addresses, supplier details, etc.)
  • Open up linked documents in Excel, PDF or your document management system

Slice and dice your data to support better business decisions:

  • Avoid complex chart of accounts structures through discrete transactional analysis
  • Unlimited access to powerful transaction and account analysis.
  • Instantly incorporate new dimensions to your reporting as you grow, e.g. product; department; project; entities; etc.
  • 35 fields available per transaction to hold analysis, dates, free text, and notes
  • Rules to validate and auto complete data entry
  • Unlimited analysis elements within each dimension, i.e. unlimited projects within the project dimension
  • Proactive alerts to let you drill back to source transactions to take immediate action and react faster to potential problems

Analyse more than your transactions:

  • Analysis is available on customers and suppliers to enhance reporting
  • Analysis can be used to group nominals to support automatic reporting hierarchies
  • Analysis is also available on fixed assets

Easy to maintain:

  • New analysis codes or dimensions can be easily uploaded or set up
  • Synchronise the update of multiple entities from a master company structure
  • Quickly create new entities by copying the structure from another with no additional licence costs
  • Easily reconfigure data or reports for changes to regulatory reporting (GAAP, etc.)

Streamline your procurement processes:

  • Employees can request to purchase items and services via the online portal
  • Real-time budget checking based on actual and committed expenditure to ensure you stay within budget
  • Comprehensive, multi-level workflow based on value or the associated cost centre
  • Mobile invoice and requisition approval for budget holders on the go

Employee Expenses:

  • Raise expense claims online or via mobile
  • Attach relevant backing documentation and receipts
  • Full multi-level workflow approval
  • SunSystems account codes and analysis automatically flow into the expenses portal and populate behind the scenes
  • Full suite of expense reports

Unmatched multi-currency functionality:

  • Unlimited currencies can be configured and uploaded
  • Rates can be held on a spot or period basis
  • Store up to 5 currency values for every transaction (multiple-base, reporting, transactional, payment, and memo values)
  • Revalue balances at different rates as required

Unlimited companies and departments:

  • Set up unlimited companies or departments with no impact on licence cost
  • Support multiple chart of accounts and year-ends by entity, and limit access by user
  • Quickly replicate an existing company set to create a new entity with or without reference data and transactions
  • Consolidate at detail or summarised level in any chosen currency and account level
  • Available in 23 different languages to support international organisations

Eliminate manual tasks and spend more time analysing your data:

  • Import bank statements and automatically reconcile against your cash book
  • Automate depreciation of assets via multiple depreciation methods
  • Automate the apportionment of costs and income across accounts and periods via definable rules
  • Generate a payment run, and automatically allocate against invoices
  • Automatically schedule reports, and trigger reports, based on a set of criteria, e.g. if an account reaches 90 days without payment
  • Automate the upload of static data such currency rates, or account details, from another system
  • Upload transactions automatically from another source, including Excel or a front of house system
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A flexible approach to working:

  • Web-enabled to allow users access without remote tools such as Citrix or RDP
  • Supports all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

Restrict access for users and groups:

    • Data Access controls can lock users or groups out at any desired level, even down to individual transactions
    • Limit access by account, company, analysis code, bank account or functionality
    • Easily tailor menus for individuals or teams
    • Assign users with read-only access as required

Easy budgeting and forecasting:

  • Hold original budgets, revised budgets, forecasts, commitments, KPIs, etc.
  • Budget at the same level you record transactional data, e.g. project, employee, cost centre
  • Workflow to manage and control the planning process to support continuous budgeting and rolling forecasts


  • Produce a consolidated financial view of your organisation
  • Automatically feed in and translate data from other business systems
  • Automate the inter-company eliminations process
  • Translate data that uses different accounting methods into the same accounting treatment
  • Automate currency translations


  • Get instant dashboard access to budgets, forecasts and consolidated reporting
  • Combine the flexibility of Excel with centralised, reliable data and full data security
  • Automate the distribution of reports to business users

See all data from across your organisation in a single place in real-time:

  • Seamless connections with other business systems including: CRM, banking, payroll, billing and many others.
  • Import and export both transactional data (e.g. invoices) and static data (e.g. suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Automatically transform and translate data into the required format.
  • Full support for workflows and alerts as part of the import/export routines.
  • Simple Excel upload for ad-hoc imports.