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Consolidations for SunSystems is purpose built to automate the consolidation process.

The source ledgers can

  • be from multiple SunSystem source entities
  • be from multiple versions of SunSystems
  • be on different physical servers
  • have the same or different chart of accounts

Source entities can

  • be fully owned, partially owned or joint venture entities
  • have different base or reporting currencies
  • extract partial data such as debtor data only

The target ledgers can

  • transpose source data into specific consolidation fields, for example post source database or ID into a separate field
  • group and aggregate data
  • keep transactions at summary or detail level
  • handle all reporting currency and translation requirements


  • Any consolidation step can be reversed at any time
  • The consolidation process is very fast
  • There is a full audit trail of all transactions and processes, unlike the spreadsheet method
  • The process can be run at any level within the consolidation structure
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