SunSystems for Hospitality

Infor SunSystems, Financial Accounting Software, for the Hospitality Sector

From managing payments and cash flow to managing the lifecycle of your hotel assets, Infor SunSystems is built to help you optimise the way you use your human, physical, and financial resources to consistently deliver a superior experience to guests and also keep your properties in top shape.

This market-leading accounting software for hotels presents you with a collection of capabilities through a neat, intuitive UI. It can be customised according to your preferences and needs. Whether you want to track and analyse your hotel financials, quickly generate financial reports, expand your operations, or optimise financial closing, SunSystems is able to do all that and more.

Our powerful accounting software can streamline your financial operations and equip your teams to meet the challenges of the constantly evolving hospitality space. 

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Key Features

Advanced, Role-based Reporting

  • Real-time reporting with embedded analysis tools
  • In-context analytics and business intelligence
  • Ability to drill back to source transactions
  • Proactive alerts that support improved decisions
  • Ability to create or update reports based on various analysis dimensions such as cost centres, projects, employees, locations, funds, or products

Seamless Integration & Flexible Configurations

  • Ability to integrate your billing, HR, CRM, booking, and alternate business systems in a way that eliminates operational silos
  • Provisions for statutory and management reporting requirements
  • Role-based data flows delivered in-context to desktop or mobile devices
  • Ability to manage compliance with multiple, changing regulatory environments
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Expand Internationally

  • Multi-company functionality that allows you to maintain an unlimited number of hotels, manage complex business changes, updates, and international financial requirements
  • Multi-currency setup that supports multiple exchange rates and up to five currencies per transaction
  • Available in multiple languages and addresses multiple reporting regimes
  • Compliance with multiple regulatory and reporting requirements including localised support for regional reporting regulations

Automated Processes and Approvals

  • Ability to automate approvals for all business processes, including invoice approval, employee expenses, supplier on-boarding, and requests for new standing data
  • Instant approval of user-definable process automation online or via your mobile
  • Automated data entry
  • Ability to automate the spread of revenue and costs based on ratios such as floorspace and headcount
  • Inter-company transactions automation
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