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As the primary objective of any accounting software is to simplify critical financial operations, your procurement department could benefit from implementing a robust accounting system.

In fact, that’s what the Purchasing Module for SunSystems is built to deliver.

The purchasing module facilitates the effective management of suppliers and the procurement of goods and services, allowing you to create, maintain, and analyse purchasing activities within your organisation.

It streamlines the entire lifecycle of the procurement process including the purchasing of services and materials. It automates the workflows and approvals associated with the expense and can route items through the approval process based on the value, the cost centre, project, employee that is raising the request or other user-definable criteria.

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Purchasing Module Benefits

  • Automation of procurement tasks such as requisitions, purchase orders, receipts and invoices
  • Streamlined supplier management
  • A simplified sourcing process
  • Comprehensive database of supplier information in one place
  • Quicker PO approvals
  • Improved inventory planning (so you can avoid issues such as too little inventory or high overhead costs)
  • Real-time posting to the accounting system (so that there’s absolutely no wait time)
  • Bird’s eye view of all procurement within your organisation
  • Easy reporting
  • Transparency throughout the business
  • Superior supply chain management
  • Improved vendor relationship management
  • Reduced physical document storage costs and space
  • Improved visibility and unlimited access to documents across your organisation with web browser-based access to images and drill-down functionality direct from SunSystems
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Purchasing Module Key Features

  • Requisition, Purchase Order, Receipting and Invoices approvals managed within a simple workflow environment
  • Convenient Excel upload for detailed orders/invoices
  • Optional OCR for capture of invoice detail from an email attachment
  • Online reports for effective purchase management
  • Automate invoice approval with user-defined variations
  • Limit approval authority based on types of project, department, or value amount
  • Set up order workflows and approval sequences
  • Control spending with access to current spend and commitments comparison to budgets
  • Create, process, and manage purchase orders and receipting with direct update of inventory
  • Advanced searching through filters, drills and reports
  • Real-time update of financial ledger for commitments, accruals and creditors
  • Full multi-currency functionality
  • Mobile functionality including approvals and creation
  • Supplier onboarding with full approval and record creation
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Purchasing Module Typical Use Case Example

The purchasing module provides components for requisition, purchase invoicing, goods or service receipts, document delivery, and budget & commitment control. In addition, there are options for advanced pricing.

When an employee, for example, raises a request for new IT equipment, the purchasing module will automatically flow the purchase requisition into a purchase order, which is then sent out to the supplier. The item is also posted as a commitment in the system so the company can report on committed and actual spend vs. budget.

Once the item has been delivered, it is marked as received (receipted) and is ready for invoicing. This reverses the committed spend and re-posts it as an accrual. Next, the invoice comes through and the accrual is then reversed and the invoice transaction is posted with the invoice document attached against the transaction for the user to easily drill down on it

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FinanSys Bank Payments

The FinanSys Bank Payments solution is a modern, easy-to-use payment management tool catering to global banking requirements including the complexities associated with international Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Developed specifically for SunSystems, FinanSys Bank Payments is a specialised tool created to connect the payables functionality within Infor SunSystems and the services by your bank for EFT.

It is able to support multiple banks, for domestic, SEPA (European) and international bank payments.

FinanSys Bank Payments is built to automate and streamline your accounts payables. After your payment through SunSystems is complete, rather than re-keying transactions that have previously been entered into Infor SunSystems, a file can be created to be uploaded onto your online banking platform.

This powerful bank payment solution can take the output file from SunSystems and convert it into a format suitable to upload into your online banking portal.

Want to try out the purchasing module? Call us now on +44 (0) 20 3771 1590 or send us an email at info@sunaccounts.com.


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