The UniFi Platform

One platform, limitless use cases. For finance and beyond!

SunSystems is a powerful financial management system. It provides an array of innovative features and an intuitive user interface that allows organisations to perform many financial tasks quickly and easily.

If you’re looking to take your SunSystems to the next level, we’d recommend utilising UniFi.


UniFi is a powerful platform that will reduce your overall technology and software costs as well as the time to go live with business systems.

With UniFi, there are no limits on the workflows you can create. The platform provides one system to manage an ever-growing number of use cases, including:

  • Purchasing (P2P)
  • Sales (O2C)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Integration
  • Optical Character Recognition

Purchasing (P2P)

Speed up the entire purchasing process from requisition to payment to supplier onboarding. Ensure that spend is controlled, within budget and aligned to organisational objectives through intelligent workflows, approvals, and authorisations.

Sales (O2C)

Automate and streamline your sales processes from opportunity to cash. Increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and reduce processing costs.

Financial Accounting

Reduce accounting workload with a fully automated financial accounting system. Our solution can do the heavy lifting for you while allowing your finance team to concentrate on value-added activities that drive business growth

Reporting and Analytics

Build customisable reports and dashboards that provide on-demand access to the information that matters most to your organisation. With real-time visibility of your data, you can quickly identify and act on opportunities and threats. Ensure that everyone has access to the information they need when they need it.

Human Resources

From recruiting and onboarding to performance management and employee development, our solution can automate your HR processes and give your employees the self-service tools they need to be more engaged and productive.

Compliance and Audit

Maintain compliance with internal and external regulations through automatic controls and real-time visibility of all organisational activity. Improve auditability and reduce the risk of errors.


Superior and unmatched integration technology to enable finance and other business systems to truly connect. Ensuring that relevant information held in other systems is visible within UniFi and that automation results in the correct accounting transactions being posted to finance systems.

Optical Character Recognition

Automate document processing quickly and accurately using ML and AI services. Swiftly extract text, handwriting, and data from scanned documents without any input from the user. Works on thousands of different documents in multiple layouts and formats.

Whilst UniFi provides you with Foundation Apps that cover HR, Operations, Sales, Compliance and other business systems needs covering the depth and breadth of a typical organisation, we appreciate that some organisations have existing best-of-breed systems that perform their business processes in an ideal way.

You can still benefit from UniFi with its advanced Data Connector feature to enable SunSystems to easily connect with these systems so data, tasks and processes can flow and be reported on as easily as possible.  This is achieved using features like the App Builder, Advanced Data Connector and Business Intelligence/Analytics of UniFi that can connect to any other system.

As a solution that works across your business with unlimited use cases, UniFi provides an added layer of vast functionality, features, flexibility, and control to SunSystems.

UniFi, when combined with SunSystems, is the ideal solution for organisations looking to improve their financial management processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs..

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Additional SunSystems Modules

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SunSystems Cloud and UniFi

If you are considering SunSystems Cloud then you can receive all the benefits of UniFi on a 1:1 licence basis at no additional cost.  Please see more details on our partner page at FinanSys.

With the UniFi subscription, you will receive a variety of features and apps, including Procurement, Time & Expense Management, HR, Enterprise Asset Management, Making Tax Digital, and Business Intelligence (to name a few).

This is a great benefit for SunSystems users who typically have to purchase and implement various third-party software to meet these needs – you get all the features and apps for free.

This offer from FinanSys provides a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to enhance SunSystems Cloud, have a faster go live, automate their processes, strengthen their reporting capabilities, and have organisation wide connected requirements fulfilled.

UniFi is an all-in-one solution that facilitates a limitless number of use cases at no extra cost. Making FinanSys the most affordable provider of SunSystems Cloud.

Find out why UniFi was created here.

You get free access to all features :

Easily create business applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface and process engine. Customise it your way and manage everything from your own tasks to departmental collaboration to overarching organisational needs.

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Streamline, monitor, and optimise your business processes with ease. Map out your process flows, automate tasks, and move work faster while saving time and money.

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Remove repetitive and manual tasks from your team’s activities with UniFi powerful automation technology.

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Eliminate manual accounting tasks with UniFi. Automatically send accounting transactions to your finance system by using our Accounting Automation software to capture accounting data at the origination of the process and send journals to your finance system automatically.

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UniFi middleware and integration engine lets you connect all your systems to enable the controlled movement of data between them.

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Create any report format in Excel and use our add-in to automatically retrieve data from FinanSys – real time. You can also send data from Excel into UniFi.

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Manage tasks and get a bird’s eye view of performance with our intuitive Work OS. Make better decisions faster and improve productivity across the board.

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Build and tailor your ideal workflows for the applications you’ve created or for other applications outside of UniFi. Enhance your workflows with powerful automation, integrations, custom views, powerful reporting with full business intelligence, and more.

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Gain real-time visibility of your business performance with data from all your systems in one place. Bridge data silos and stay on top of things with valuable, actionable insights.

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Automate how documents are distributed, assigned, or approved at the click of a button. Store all your documents electronically and easily connect documents to your external systems, workflows or attach to any stage of the process.

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Pre-installed Foundation Apps are Apps built by the experts at FinanSys for key business requirements. We regularly launch new Foundation Apps for our platform at no extra cost.

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Machine Learning services that can easily be added to your applications. Providing you with the ultimate platform to benefit from Artificial Intelligence.

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Easily apply AI services to any field in an application to imitate human behaviour. Providing you with more time to help your organisation grow with UniFi.

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