iPos Procurement Control

iPOS- Infor SunSystems, Financial Accounting Software

iPOS Procurement for SunSystems is a role based, end-to-end, browser procure-to-pay solution seamlessly integrated into the Infor SunSystems financial management system. iPOS Procurement drives down maverick purchasing, controls spend across the organisation, manages extensive approval delegation and workflow requirements and delivers comprehensive transparency and auditability to the purchasing function.

iPOS adheres to a best practice approach from raising requisitions through to approving invoices for payment with real-time integration to the underlying Infor SunSystems control data. Critical Infor SunSystems business rules such as T-codes/analysis dimension dependencies, supplier selection, budget approval and commitment accounting are fully intertwined with the iPOS purchasing transactions.

Ipos Purchase Order Workflow

iPOS handles the combination of freeform item selection, internal catalogues and punch-out to external supplier catalogues in a seamless manner. This achieves the critical single source purchasing channel and makes it an easy and consistent application which is welcomed into the users’ daily lives.

iPOS Analytics

iPOS Analytics is a dashboard and web reporting module that delivers full spend visibility to all stakeholders in the purchase lifecycle;

  1. Requisitioners can see the status of their requests
  2. Approvers can see the tasks awaiting their attention
  3. Budget holders can analyse their spend from soft commitments through to invoices paid
  4. Purchasing managers can track activity workflow and supplier performance
  5. Project managers can view their future and past delivery and receipting activity
  6. Finance can track spend efficiencies and warning signals
  7. Business unit managers can analyse their expenditure across the enterprise
  8. iPOS Analytics can deliver a “spend, mend and trend” view across the company expenditure in a simple and friendly environment for end users. The suite comes bundled with a wide range of analyses and additional graphs and reports can be easily added to the standard pack.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

A powerful report designer in Vision (Q&A) for iPOS provides flexible reporting formats. Report Designer includes the use of headers, details, subtotals and footer sections to provide professional looking reports. Vision for iPOS also enables the diverse range of report styles, formats and printing options available in Microsoft Excel to be applied to business data. The data can be extracted and then prepared and printed using Microsoft Excel.

You can also use search expressions, called Wildcards, in definition forms and dialogue boxes. These wildcard searches provide for pattern matching when aggregating information.

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