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In the face of shrinking product and development life cycles, managers must reach complex decisions quickly. Budgeting systems must cope with this rapid change and ensure transparency throughout each stage of the process. Key to streamlining this enterprise planning process is enhanced speed and flexibility.

SunSystems dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) offers a pre-built application to meet these needs and to tackle other budgeting obstacles. It provides a sophisticated planning and forecasting environment that supports best practices such as continuous budgeting and rolling forecasts.

Due to the flexible underlying technology (based on MIS DecisionWare), companies can tailor the standardized structures and reporting options to reflect their unique requirements. As a result, high-performance, customized systems can be built and maintained in record time.


  • Built-in workflow to manage and control the planning process to support continuous budgeting and rolling forecasts
  • Production of consolidated financial statements with intercompany eliminations and translation of data using different accounting methods into the same currency and accounting treatment
  • Broad access to insights via flexible, self-service design dashboards and reports; accessible on the go reducing the costs and time of sharing information throughout the organisation
  • Seamless integration with other operational systems allowing a complete view of the company
  • Out-of-the-box structures to support common planning requirements and structures with the flexibility to mirror your organisation’s specific requirements
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