Collect Debtor Management

Collect Debtor Management – Infor SunSystems Accounting Software

Collect for SunSystems helps organisations improve their Day Sales Outstanding and cashflow through unparalleled credit management and debtor collection functionality.

Benefits of SunSystems Collect

  • Automating the process of sending out statements and reminder letters to debtors reducing material costs and freeing up the time of your credit controller for more directly productive tasks such as making phone calls to customers.
  • Keeping a record of all customer contact enabling smooth, consistent and efficient communication resulting in improved customer relations.
  • Automatically generating and tracking “to-do” activities for multiple collection staff enabling time to be spent more efficiently within the team.
  • Extensive Days Sales Outstanding and customer behaviour analysis to enable greater visibility of debtors and their behaviours giving you an idea of future behaviours potentially allowing you to take preemptive steps if necessary.
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