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Infor SunSystems Document Management

SunSystems incorporates the functionality to link transactions to scanned images in a standard drive folders. A document management system powered by KnowledgeWorker, automates the capture and archiving of scanned documents such as Invoices and GRNs with the ability to select and view via SunSystems, or a user defined selection criteria directly from the DM subject to user security access.

Document Management for SunSystems is a comprehensive content management solution offering integration with SunSystems.

The system effortlessly manages a diverse range of documents including purchase and sales invoices, goods receipt notes and remittances. The system enables archiving and retrieval of documents linked to records and transactions and also provides indexing of any electronic content associated with those documents such as contracts, maintenance records and personnel information.

Document Management for SunSystems replaces the typical shared drive environment where finding information in discreet files makes retrieving the right information difficult.

Document Management for SunSystems enables you to:

  1. Save time: Search dynamically and retrieve any document in a matter of seconds.
  2. Achieve compliance: Satisfy the latest industry requirements with fully auditable and secure processes as well as achieve enhanced green credentials.
  3. Maximize the value of SunSystems: Access scanned invoices – validated with SunSystems data – at the click of a button allowing you to process transactions without sifting through a lengthy paper trail.
  4. User definable process automation for document approval.
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