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Vision Q&A Excel


Vision XL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptive ways to interact with your data. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through Vision XL, enabling powerful reporting and presentation of real-time data from any system.

Vision XL provides a dynamic link between multiple data sources and Microsoft Excel into a single report. Conversely, data prepared in Excel worksheets can be sent back to your specified data source.

With its flexibility and ease-of-use, Vision XL allows non-technical users to effectively analyze data, providing enhanced analytical power and assisting the decision-making process.

An Integrated Solution

Vision XL is an Excel add-in displayed as an item on the menu bar or as a toolbar. Purpose-built functions, represented on the Vision XL menu allow dynamic and flexible access to data from any data source to populate your Excel worksheets.


Vision enables any query to be output as a cube. This provides the capability to slice and dice data held in relational databases. You can analyse a report, cell or group of cells by performing ad hoc drills and save cubes for offline browsing.

  1. Perform multi-dimensional analysis using cube analysis
  2. The powerful report designer provides for flexible reporting
  3. Perform statistical reporting using extract modes
  4. Macro Builder enables the automation of Vision XL functions
  5. Vision XL supports security features to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data
  6. Powerful security to easily control access to databases and tables

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