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Systems Union's core product is SunSystems, a fully integrated software application including financial and business management modules. Designed for international organizations, complex operations and fast-growing companies, SunSystems is also used extensively by multinational corporations whose subsidiaries worldwide require an international product with a global support infrastructure.

The major attributes of SunSystems can be described as follows:

  1. Global: Provides multi-currency, multi-lingual support and local statutory compliance, delivered across the world
  2. Analysis: Capability to undertake multi-dimensional analysis, through extensive capture of business data, providing high levels of management information
  3. Flexible: Provides the ability to map to different organizations' processes, functional requirements and deployment needs
  4. Integration: The ability to integrate the core product with specific vertical market products via standard interfaces including XML
  5. Scalable: Deployed on anything from a single user PC through to UNIX networks, to an ASP model, and in a number of environments, including SQL Server and Oracle
  6. Standard package: A robust, out-of-the-box, parameter-driven package delivering stability, upgradeability and ease of support.

SunAccounts has two versions aimed at different markets. Both versions are continuously developed.

  1. FMS SunSystems V4: aimed at smaller companies, branches of larger companies or organisations that do not need to customise the front end.
  2. FMS SunSystems V6: aimed at larger companies or companies that require a second base reporting currency.

Vision, which is now called Q&A, works with both Version 4 and Version 6.

SunSystems pursues an open platform strategy. The solutions operate independently of database and server platforms, running on Microsoft Windows NT, with SQL Server or Oracle, and UNIX with Oracle.

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