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About SunAccounts

We can help you with the implementation, improvement and support of SunAccounts, SunBusiness and Vision products from Systems Union/Infor.

We have representatives world-wide. Many of our senior consultants are Chartered Accountants or CPAs and will therefore understand your financial requirements. Most will have at least 12 years of SunAccounts implementation and consultancy experience.

If you are an existing SunAccount user, we are likely be able to improve your use of your system and staff satisfaction. Some of the problems commonly experienced by companies are detailed in the Existing System Review section. Please also review our Clients Case Studies to see how we resolve them.

We are different from many other companies in that we are up-front about our fees and will agree to fixed price or retainer contracts. We can provide the CVs of our consultants before you sign an agreement. Frequently the same consultant, or small team of consultants, will install the software, implement the new accounting system and perform staff training.

We can help you integrate other office systems into SunAccounts and can advise on web enabled or workflow SunAccounts applications.

There are many additional modules that may not have been available when your enterprise purchased the system. These include:

  1. Business Rules. This is a free module introduced in Sun Accounts Version 4.2.6
  2. Automated, browser-based but integrated procurement
  3. Automated bank payments with email remittances
  4. Automated staff expenses
  5. A dedicated consolidation module
  6. A module to scan, optically read and potentially post purchase invoices

Many more new modules are described in the Software section where you may also download the brochures.

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